Tourism Information System PHP Project Synopsis

The main problem in the tourism management system sites provides only place attractive information and etc. If User the user wants to view Places extra useful information like accommodation details and food details.

Again they have to search this information in different sites. If the user wants to know about the bus, car, and train from there place to another tourism place, they have to search for bus related sites, Train related sites and car booking sites.

Suppose the user wants to book the hotel for the selected place in tour management system, they have to go to hotel booking sites. This may cause loss of time of visiting our tour management site. Most of the sites won’t provide which is tourist areas in particular sites.

Like this sites, the user cannot get the correct idea about the place. If this information present in the site the user can choose an exact place to plan the tour for their family. And also Plan the budget for their Tour.           


  1. Location Details
  2. Hotel Fare Details
  3. Transport Facilities details
  4. Kilometer calculation


Hard disk        : – 80 GB

Monitor            : – 15 Vga Colour

Mouse             : – Logitech.

Ram                 : – 2 Gb


  • Operating system: Windows Family.
  • Coding Language: PHP
  • Backend :- MY SQL

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