Microcontroller Based Dam Control System ECE Project Report

Introduction to Microcontroller Based Dam Control System Project:

Every product we find in our daily life is somehow designed with embedded systems. Embedded system is a co design of software and hardware products that is in that is in the hardware we create some functions using software programming we control the hardware. For effective operation and efficient analysis of Engineering design processes, embedded system is taking an integral part. embedded products are the main concern because of its time reaching perfection and reliability from data analysis to many works. This project MCROCONTROLLER BASED DAM CONTROL SYSTEM is designed using embedded system.

The developed project, electrical appliance controllike personal computer finds many applications in industries, automation of houses and also application in supervisory control. In this project we interface a high voltage electrical device (DC / AC motor) to a personal computer system which is a high sensitive electronic good. To the controller and personal computerRS232 is the communication medium between them and by sending signals from the integrated personal computer to the controller, we control the dc motor.

To avoid complications, water level in a dam should to be maintained properly. This to be performed manually and operators required full time supervision. Without the exact knowledge of water level that is up to where the water present in the dam or reservoir and its inflow rate, it is impossible to control the gates to a man and it may lead to wastage of water.

The main objective behind this project is to provide a real time flexibility to control the gate movements by developing a system based on mechatronics which detect the water level and thereby controlling the dam gates movement and wastage of water. In this project we connect a set of sensors to a stepper motor through microcontroller and the project works through sensors sense the water level gives instruction to microcontroller.

Download  Microcontroller Based Dam Control System ECE Project Report.

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