Microcontroller Based Digital Code Lock ECE Project

Security is the important issue in our routine life. Every people approaches to have security as much as possible. The access operation results in important connection under protective sequence. The microcontroller depends on Door locker which is the access control method and permits merely authenticate people to enter into the restricted place. The method is completely operated over 8 bit microcontroller AT89C2051 that includes 2Kbytes of ROM for the executable memory. The password is saved under the EPROM and hence we are able to modify it whenever we want.

 The system includes the Keypad with which the password is accessed by it. If the password gives in same like the password saved in the memory then the permission is granted to the person and hence the door gets opened. If password is wrong then the Alarm gets switched on.

Password Based Door Security System makes use of Microcontroller” and it is utilized under the areas where we require much protection. It can be utilized to save the lockers and many other secured doors. The system includes many keypads and the keypads are connected to the 8bit microcontroller AT89C2051. It is the famous Microcontroller and has 20 pins and 15 input/output lines. The microcontroller includes the 2 Kilobytes of program memory. It constantly functions the keypad and.


The electronic door lock is functioned the way we expect.  We can use it for the operations mentioned in our project.  The large obstacle to get rid of is interfacing the microcontroller including hardware elements.  The electronic door lock is marketable since it is simple to utilize because of less power consumption and greatly dependable.

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