Microcontroller Based Automated Irrigation System Project Report

A high populated country like India has to meet the increasing demand for food so irrigation in India should be highly sophisticated in terms of yielding additional food grains. Keeping this mind we implemented a Microcontroller Based Automated Irrigation System. This is an improved food production technology and makes full use of agricultural resources.

Proper prediction about the requirement of water is facilitated using a micro controller in this automated micro controller based automated irrigation system water is fed to the paddy fields whenever there is an intense need based on the prediction of soil moisture, The value of the pipes is controlled by the micro controller and minimizes the human errors and saves time and human effort.

Operation of the proposed circuit:

Automate irrigation system project works based up on the micro controller and the GSM modem, if the water level in the soil is below the desired level the micro controller sends a message to the farmer by means of GSM modem, if the user gives a missed call to the particular modem number the micro controller get activated and operates the relay and the relays stats the motor after sensing the required water level the micro controller sends triggers the relay circuit and the mission stops.

Download Microcontroller Based Automated Irrigation System Project Report

Youtube video link to view important details of this project.


Specification and Advantages:

This entire process to be performed the microcontroller needs to be programmed so for we program the automated irrigation system micro controller based on the requirements using embedded c programming language.

This system had several advantages, its saves a lot of human and electrical energy, maintains proper water regulation based o the weather conditions and also prevents loss of water, it is less complex and easily controlled even by illiterate persons within minutes of time, the maintenance cost is very low.

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