Microcontroller Based Home Security System ECE Project Report

Introduction to Microcontroller Based Home Security System Project:

Microcontroller based home security system is a new revolutionary concept which is attracting everyone’s attention in recent times. With an intent to provide security right from household purpose to small, medium, large scale industries including  security  in  military organizations.

This paper address a new technology that had numerous applications in the field of security, these devices operate automatically due the interruption caused in the path followed by the infra red rays.  Having an ideology to protect our houses and valuables we implemented this concept in this the transmitter emits infra red radiations continuously to the receiver section whenever there is an interruption in the IR radiation the relay senses it passes signal to the  micro controller, the micro controller operates the siren blows.

The alignment of transmitter and receiver are such that the IR rays directly falls on to the phototransistor LI4GI which is placed on the receiver, the obtained signal is amplified by the operational amplifier µA741followed by the receiver, the micro controller used in this circuit which is the heart of this system  is an low power, high performance AT89C51 CMOS 8-bit microcontroller along with 4Kbytes of Flash programmable and erasable read only memory (PEROM) capable of producing accurate timing pulses operates under mono stable condition.

In this circuit NE555 IC is used to achieve High Current Drive Capability, Duty Cycle adjustments with temperature stability of 0.005% per every centigrade. The switching section consists of a relay operated at 12v for this purpose BC547 transistor is used as a driver. From overall considerations it is quite different from ordinary conventional security systems with are operated manually.

These security devices are highly applicable in defense areas, security zones like research laboratories and scientific installations, the only disadvantage is that it operates in the presence of electricity an alternate power supply must be always ready will these security systems while  operating.

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