Microcontroller Based Plant Irrigation System BE ECE Project

The Microcontroller Based Plant Irrigation System BE ECE Project contains the issue statement, method block figures, and description of every section. This even contains the pertinence of this study like what are the uses of this review. To make automatic plant irrigation method depending on microcontroller 8051 is the aim of this electronics and communication engineering final year project.

 Today, lack of water has evolved into the largest issue in the globe. Several distinct concepts are improved for water conservation. We require water in every part of our life and area and hence it is very important in our routine life.  It is acknowledged to be the important requirement of human beings. It is must for animals, human beings, plants, and every creature on the earth.

Agriculture is the field where water is needed within great amount. Lack of water is the great issues under agriculture. There are various methods to secure or to manage the lack of water in agriculture. Diverse kinds of irrigation are utilized for water organization under agricultural land.

Systems of automatic irrigation are easy especially for the travelers. On proper installation and execution, the automatic irrigation systems would secure your money and assist within conservation of water. Plants and Dead lawn grass should be taken place and it could be costly. Watering by oscillator or hose can waste the water. The irrigation system is programmed to give more accurate quantity of water under targeted field that helps water conservation.


Irrigation is the unnatural water application for the soil. This is basically utilized to help to grow crops under dry fields and in the time of improper rainfall. There are kinds of irrigation systems. They are Ditch Irrigation, Terraced Irrigation, Drip Irrigation, Sprinkler System, and Rotary System.

Download Microcontroller Based Plant Irrigation System BE ECE Project.

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