Optical Communication System without Fibers ECE Seminar Report

Introduction to Optical Communication System without Fibers Seminar Topic:

Now-a-days everything every work we want to have is faster things. If it works fast means it will be the most popular thing. In day today life speed is the main concern. One of the main field which require high speed is communication. Communication has been always simply relied on speed.

In long ago, olden days communication had been continued through fiber cables but now in this twenty first century wireless network is spreading everywhere rapidly because of its speed and relatively high robust network. For a wire line network physical damages may occur frequently but for wireless system there will be no such kind of damages.

By the invention of laser beam in 1958, optical communication has been originated and developed low loss fabricated optical fiber in 1970. By saying optical communication means we think of optical fibers but in this project of optical communication system without fibers we are going to deal optical communication without using fiber can also call free space optics (FSO).

Free space optics is not a new concept, it is developed before the fiber optic cable became the transport medium preferred for high speed communication. This free space optics or FSO technology offers high bandwidth last mile connectivity to the requirement of today’s converged network. This Free space optics (FSO) technology was used in defense and aerospace applications.

FSO technology can transmit up to 2.5 gbps of data, video and voice communication and it is a line of sight technology. FSO communicates at the speed of light as wireless communication means transmission of a modulated infrared or visible beam through atmosphere.

As the speed of light is faster in air medium than glass, with FSO also we can communicate at light speed as we use LEDs or LASER beam for the transmission. This project gives detailed description about free space optics technology.

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