Location-Based Spatial Queries Project Report

Introduction:Local Based Spatial Query processing is one of the mostly used concepts in every mobile application. In recent years this concept has been a growing interest because of its application in mobile environment. One of the useful features of this application is it is easy to retrieve information based on mobile client present location. Compare to spatial query processing using LBSQ can provide additional features like user mobility and data exchange using wireless communication.


Data mining is the process in which useful information is extracted from set of data. In data mining process Clustering is one of the mostly used technique which help users to find out and analyze the structure based on the similarity measures. In data partition most of the similarities are finding in same location compare to different partitions.


In this paper we had develop an efficient distance based projected clustering algorithm and solving problems caused in high dimensional clustering and provided different test cases by comparing previous works. From these simulation test cases we had proved that PCKA provides best results and which improved the quality of clustering.

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