Microcontroller Based Anesthesia Injector ECE Project Report

Introduction to Microcontroller Based Anesthesia Injector Project:

This paper addresses the new upcoming technology in the field of medical sciences; our project is about Microcontroller based anesthesia injector which regulates the levels of anesthesia that to be injected into the patient’s body during major surgeries. In present day situations in doing operations there is an involvement of an anesthetist, who operates these tasks manually, creating some problems in giving appropriate doses and varying levels of anesthesia may cause severe problems, a man can make mistakes but a machine cannot, because it is sequentially programmed the necessary conditions based on the requirements.

So considering these factors we demonstrated a new model a Microcontroller based anesthesia injector performs painless surgery and makes the work of the anesthetists very simple. The system comprises of a temperature sensor to sense the variations in body temperature, a Respiration Sensor  to record the abrupt changes in the respiration system, an electromagnetic Stepper Motor in order to regulate the movements of the Infusion Pump, analog to digital i.e. A/D converter is used for changing the analog signals from body into digital signals, and this entire operation is controlled by a 89C51 micro-controller.

The assembly of these various components and working is explained in this paper, the 89C51 micro controller used in this circuit is an advanced version of 8031, based on CMOS technology, and it is an 8-bit processor having Multiple 16-Bit Timer/Counters, it is bi-directional has individual input and output lines, the data transfer is based on SPI Serial Bus Interface, the software details are given in the following sections, the stepper motor transforms the pluses signals into stepped rotational movements.

Our project was practically tested and the revealed results shows the importance of the virtually operated micro controller in analyzing various practical parameters, this specialized anesthesia machine is able to improve the working skills of human. By our successful implementation of this project paved path to the future technologies to develop this respective field.

Download  Microcontroller Based Anesthesia Injector ECE Project Report.

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