ECE Project Report on Microcontroller Based Trainer Kit

Introduction to Microcontroller Based Trainer Kit:

Today almost all electronic gadgets or devices we use in day to day life are actually an assembled embedded system. They have been used everywhere ranging from a small clock to huge satellites. In these embedded system, there are few components such as microprocessors and microcontrollers which is programmed with codes.

Assembly programming forms the base of any embedded system although nowadays coders prefer languages such as Java or C++ as it is easier to execute. The pre-determined tasks are executed precisely by an embedded system; the tasks are set for each component in the embedded system. It may have various user interfaces, depend on CPU platform and use compilers; debuggers etc. while developing and are called with a startup process.

As I mentioned earlier microcontroller is an important component in the embedded system set up. There are many software and hardware components involved in the development of the system.

For setting up a microcontroller, one has to write the code first, then translate it and finally check it for any bugs. Embedded system helps us reduce energy consumption and confine the space required. The microcontroller we have used here is the 89c51 microcontroller.

Features of 89c51 controller:

  • 8 bit microcontroller
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 4K ROM
  • One Serial Port
  • Stack Pointer 8 bit
  • Transmitter/Receiver
  • Data Pointer and program counter
  • Timers and registers
  • Circuits and interrupters
  • Oscillator amplifier

The training kit we have used here consists of various components such as power adaptors, Sensors, LCD & LED’s, keyboards, converters, RTC etc. A trainer kit must be designed minimally, easy to use, flexible& versatile and must be cost effective.

It must also be able to handle multiple functions on one device. Various applications tested here are a digital clock, temperature monitoring system, wave generation etc. Many methods are used for data transmission including synchronous and asynchronous methods, full or half duplex method, simplex method.

 Download ECE Project Report on Microcontroller Based Trainer Kit.

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