Latest ECE Seminar Topic on Smart Card for Network Security

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Smart Card for Network Security:

Network technology means preventing the misuse of computer by providing some security. Now a days it is not very difficult to hack any website or our personal ID. To prevent such hackers we must be careful while providing security to our personal ID. We must use hard and long password with too many combinations of alphabets and small letters and capital letters. We must change it regularly and avoid setting any name as password as they are very easy to detect.

We should use the cryptography technique for providing security to our text. It is a technique that converts our text in to the unreadable text for any outsider.

Smart card looks like a simple card but it consist of embedded microprocessor under the gold pad. It also has the identification of the user. This 8 bit microprocessor has three types of memory for different purpose like: ROM, non-static RAM and EEPROM. Their cards are made of silicon chip which cannot be bend. This smart card consists of key stored with the help of cryptography technique.

Attacks:The key is stored in the EEPROM of the microprocessor so it can be erased with small voltage drop across the microcontroller of the card. Because of these reasons some security sensors are used that create alarm in such conditions. They are called logical attacks.If we cut the chip from the card with the help of knife then we dip into the nitric acid until the silicon surface is visible. Then it can also be attacked directly or exposing the EEPROM in the UV light and so on. These types of attack are physical attack.

Now the ATM magnetic cards are being replaced by smart card for greater security as they can store the information of any person also.

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