Embedded Smart Car Security System ECE Seminar Ideas

The proposed system of this Embedded Smart Car Security System ECE Seminar Ideas preaches the owner if car is stolen, automated functions through image processing, security maintenance by behavior recognition, effective mobile communication for entire process, and GPS module has the precise locality by parsing received GPS signa.

The main objective of a low-cost extendable framework for embedded smart card security system is to implement image-recognition techniques which provide the functions required by advanced intelligent Car Security and to avoid vehicle theft and protect from unauthenticated users. The obtainable system is unable to predict information if a car is stolen.

The block diagram in this PowerPoint presentation consists of PC memory unit to store the different driver image. FDS (face detection subsystem) detects the face of the driver and compares with the predefined image. If image does not match then the information is send to the owner through MMS. Owner traces the location with GPS. With this system, owner identifies image of the theft image and location of the car.

The hardware components include are Microcontroller, Power supply, Keypad section, GSM module, Camera, and Ignition unit or Driver unit. Software tools include are Keil C cross compiler IDE, Flash magic programmer tool, Orcad hardware design tool, Visual basic 6.0, Matlab7.5, and languages include are Embedded C and Visual Basic.

The applications of this system are security applications, image processing applications, and banking applications. The advantages of this system are Flexibility and portable system, less cost and compact, effective security system, alert system, and optimized system.

Embedded Smart Car Security System ECE Seminar Ideas Conclusion:

The embedded smart car security system is proposed as a low-cost extendable framework that consists of a face detection subsystem, a GPS (Global Positioning System) module, a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) module and a control platform. These modules provide information to users to keep eyes on cars even if it is lost.

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