Biometrics Some Interesting Facts Iris Technology

Description: The research paper Biometrics Some Interesting Facts Iris Technology speaks about biometrics and the wonders it could do in enhancing the security systems and control access of any individual e-transaction.

The research paper identifies the fact that there is a colossal increase and expansion of e-commerce and e-transaction, PINs, passwords, smart cards have become the buzz worlds and at least in the metropolitan cities they have become the buzz words. With the increased facilities of the transaction, the element that is seriously jeopardized is ‘security’.

With hackers and other cybercriminals that are escaping scot-free, the security measures fall thin. Biometric offers just the right kind of security that a person requires while in the process of an e-transaction.  Biometrics identifies a very appealing and universal fact that the personality traits are peculiar and unique and cannot be copied whatsoever.

This makes certain body features quite interesting to the computer scientists and they depend heavily on these to provide a cent percent security to the transacting clients.

The scope of biometrics as of now: The inimitable physical features and other personality traits will make you alone eligible to transact your own procedures. Iris recognition, retinal scan, fingerprinting and other viable techniques of biometrics are currently the order of the day.

Although a bare minimum of companies i.e. pathetically just 1% use the biometric procedures and 15% have rejected them straightaway still there is every possibility that with growing demand of security concerns these techniques will certainly in the future catch up like wildfire.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that biometrics is a domain that needs greater exposure. Awareness has to be created in the society.

Although latent as of now Biometrics is a domain that has an indisputable growth prospect. All the routine security measures will be transformed into biometric procedures sooner than later.

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