RFID Based Shopping Trolley Project

The main objective of RFID based shopping trolley Project is to implement an RFID based security system to improve the speed of purchase. Recent years there are lot of changes occurred in terms of economic growth, living conditions, and global markets.

RFID Based Shopping Trolley Project Looks like:

In order fulfill these needs technology had come forward in implementing several automatic identification technologies and had caused a revolution in proving the quality of services. radio frequency identification technology is considered as the boon for the present day market in proving automatic identification facilities that helps in handling the goods and materials effectively.

RFID technology identifies the objects virtually unlike the bar code technologies, the phenomenon lies in the function of RFID tags in transforming data from the antenna i.e. coil to the reader.

By using RFID based shopping cart system project the security levels are increased, once the product is placed o the system it generates the summary of the inventory including the price value. And if any unbilled product is taken from the user it will alerts making continuous beep sound. The main components of this project are RFID tag, RFID reader, micro controller, driver circuit, alarm and relay. The block diagram representation is as shown in the below circuit.

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RFID principles:

The RFID devices are mainly divided into two classes one is active and the other is passive. Active tags require a power source while the passive tag requires no batteries or external maintenance. The tag has of three parts namely antenna, a semi conductor chip attached to the antenna and encapsulation.

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  1. Dear sir/mam I need a code for smart shopping cart using raspberry pi and rfid(rc522) and via xbee transmitter it should transmit the data on to the Arduino by connecting xbee receiver to the arduino

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