An Agent Based Mars Explorer Project

An Agent Based Mars Explorer Project Abstract:

Sending robots to planets has been proved a cost-effective and safe method of space exploration. However, the missions so far have involved only one single robot. With the fixed cost of traveling to a planet, it will be more cost-effective if multiple robots are deployed in a single mission.

This will allow the mission to continue even if some robots fail and also speed up the exploration by doing it in parallel. Having a team of exploring robots requires the communication of knowledge and the coordination of teamwork. For example, a robot that discovered a hazard, may warn the team to avoid a certain area and thus changing the way, that other robots behave.

This problem of distributed coordinating robots is can be modeled by intelligent agents. Each robot can be viewed as an autonomous agent, which has the ability to respond to external stimuli and communicate with other agents. These agents may exchange knowledge that they have acquired during the mission and request assistance from the others.

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