Micro Controller Based IVRS Based Result Announcement Project Report

Introduction to IVRS Based Result Announcement Project:

Process Control comes under Statistical and Engineering field which is tackling architectures, mechanisms and algorithms to regulate the result of particular process. Industrial Processes is dependent on chemical and mechanical procedures used to be a part of manufacturing of any products on huge scale. Industrial Processes in the heavy industries needs controlling system to observe any industrial processes that is going to be completed with in a time, great accuracy and precision. 

Industrial revolution started with human effort with minimum requirements of machines which soon became needed to produce more products as demanded. The mechanization came into industries with minimum human effort to produce and machine was doing a work of human where as human was operating machines. The industrial automation now has much reduced the work of man by automatically controlling the machines and its processes. Automation provides an industry to produce huge scale of products with great accuracy and less effort. 

The commodity became now cheaper and widely available because of automation. The wastage of Raw material has been reduced and hazardous materials as by products can be measured. 

The productivity of an industry can be increased by combining machines with electronics with regulating high speed, accurate movements, analog measurements and user friendly machines operation display or interface. The wireless technology does this by operating things efficiently. 

The Proposed project is based on the Microcontrollers that operate process control systems. The microcontroller operates the industrial parameters. Apart from Microcontroller the other things are DTMF, Mobile phone, Voice processing unit and lastly power supply. The Software used for the project are Keil Software for C Programming, Express PCB for layout design, Express SCH for schematic design.

The application software is developed in µVision 3. 

The project is highly designed and passed the quality testing. The IVRS makes human effort to remotely operate industries by automated systems.

  Download  Micro Controller Based IVRS Based Result Announcement Project Report.

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