All We Need to Know About Biometrics Technologies

Description: The research paper All We Need to Know About Biometrics Technologies talks about the flourishing field of Computer Science Engineering, Biometrics. With the colossal increase of information flow, something that happens every nano-second, there has been a great demand for proper identification techniques for greater security and enhanced access control. Biometrics a field of Computer Science Engineering domain gives exactly solutions for problems pertaining to identification and other security measures. Biometrics identifies that the individual personality traits are unique and cannot be replicated whatsoever. This fact can help computer scientists to come up with enhanced security measures and mind-blowing identifying techniques. Retinal scan, iris recognition, facial scan and fingerprint techniques are the current biometric procedures in vogue.

The Drawbacks: The research paper identifies the fact that although the biometric procedures are the most effective ones identified to date to secure e-transactions or the transactions involving passwords, Pin or Smart Cards or any other means of locking personal information, it still doesn’t get the footage it reserves owing to sky high prices of certain procedures. It is very depressing to know that only 1% of the companies are actually using the biometric methods. 15% are still testing the viability of these procedures and 58% do not want to implement these new procedures considering the amount of time and money spent. They are even considering the not-so-favorable employee feedback against this.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on the note saying that the fingerprinting technology has been considered the best implementation of biometric so far. The fingerprinting technique is considered efficient over others owing to its effective results and also cost effectiveness. Despite the wonders biometrics could do to an organization, it’s efficiency has been restricted to sci-fi movies where in we get to see a glimpse of these very sophisticated security enhancing procedures. Biometrics is still developing, the awareness should grow, it has a very long way to go.

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