JTapi-based IVRS Project

This project helps the student to interact with college server pc i.e., interactive voice response system.

This is a JTapi-based project wherein we are interacting with interactive voice response system by making call from a remote place. This remote interaction is made possible through a telephone line. Only the authentic user can interact the system and the authentication is done through keypad.

After the user is authenticated, the different options for the different operations to be performed on the system are read out. We can select the required options through speech..

The different functionalities of the system that can be interact through the telephone line are:

• Language Selection i.e., English, Hindi & Kannada.
• Internal Marks.
• External Marks.
• Attendance.

Block Diagram:

Software Requirement:

  • Jdk
  • Oracle / Microsoft Access.
  • Microsoft Speech SDK.
  • CloudGarden

Hardware Requirement:

  • DTMF Receiver
  • Caller ID enabled telephone line
  • Internet PC

Technologies Used:

  • Core Java
  • JDBC
  • Speech API

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