Final Year Electronics Project Automation of Network Protocol Analysis System

This project “Final Year Electronics Project Automation of Network Protocol Analysis System” which provides open source tools for developing software products into the networking domain. Wireshark, an example of an open source tool is used to analyze the packets and analyze its contents when such packets are broadcasted out of a system. Thus in a nutcase it is a measuring device and is used for examination of traffic of a network cable.

       This project automates the entire process beginning from sniffing of the packets till the validation. The logging part is automated through a C program. The network packets are stored in pcap format. Success or failure of the project is determined by the parsing logic. This logic can be further extended as per project requirements.

Project description:               

                   final-year-electronics-project-automation-of-network-protocol-analysis-systemThe main objective of the project Automation of network protocol analysis is to eradicate human effort and replace it with an efficient system that is automated to analyze network packets. The designed system comprises of a client as well as a server module. Client communicates with the server via an option. This option entered by the client calls an equivalent function. These functions are based on 3 types of logics.

              The logic corresponds to UDP, SIP and QOS parameters respectively. Another component is performed which serves to transform raw packets of data to pcap format by means of appending pcap header. The parsing logic is implemented by UDP and SIP modules. The result be it success or failure is given back to the client. QOS module is used to display the speed and delay which are classified as network performance parameters.


    This project is used by network administrators to troubleshoot network problems and by network engineers to analyze security issues. The project gives a detailed list of software requirements that indicate functional as well as non-functional requirements.

Download Final Year Electronics Project Report on Automation of Network Protocol Analysis System

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