Office Automation System Project Report

The implanted method is the collection of software, hardware and extra mechanical portions which is modeled to do particular operation. For instance ROAD TRAFFIC SYSTEM. The traffic signal modifies based on predetermined method which is placed on IC hence the implanted method is modeled to perform the particular operation including repeated given time endlessly in the absence and presence of human intervention.

The Office Automation System Project Report depends on the implanted method which makes use of PIC MICROCONTROLLER of MICROCHIP, PIC16F877. It includes the effect under application of the company. The chip is systemized based on the needs of the costumer. Program coding is accomplished with the help of assembly language. The Integrated Development Environment MPLAB of Microchip is utilized to imitate and arrange the written code.

 Modern millennium provides the significance to many modern automation methods under many situations of human life. The OFFICE AUTOMATION METHOD is the only venture that provides the entire safety and automation to construct the office. This automates many benefits and secures the best quantity of common electrical energy on turning off the electrical appliances and it is not productively used. The supplies permit the automation for lighting, doors, and fan gadgets and hence the important aim of this project is conservation of the common electrical energy and its productive utility and gives the safety of the office.


Office Automation System Project Report is concluded that the functions of the authorized access to the office includes real time inspection method. The active IR sensors can identify the accessing or quitting of people from the office or to the office. The excellent display shows the present count of the people within the office. It eliminates the opportunity of unauthenticated access or threat.

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