Java Mini Project Report on Simple Network Management Protocol

Introduction to Simple Network Management Protocol Mini Project:

This is a simple network designed to exchanging information between more than one management and number of agents. This is most widely used vendor network scheme for information exchange. Now days IT network have become more complex.  These network management systems are used in accounting management, security management; configuration management etc. accounting management is used for measuring the network utilization. Configuration management is used to manage the configuration of the network.

It is made for an application protocol that have TCP/IP protocol suite. It basically operates over the data gram.  It has management station that keeps the control of agents and agent’s keeps the track of number of objects.  They encourage their manager by the technique trap-direct polling. They also have the property to support UDP and IP. They create proxies that can works for more than one device. They are controlled using four basic commands like read, write, trap and traversal operations.

Read command is used to manage the devices. Write commands are used to control the devices. Trap command are used to manage the device when they generate any error. Traversal operations are used to support devices and collect all the information’s.

These managements systems have two types of objects like scalar and tabular. These managements systems have few limitations in it like: only few defined errors, limited number of protocols, less security, less use of formal structures. 

We are supposed to divide the tasks over management stations. As there are limited number of error codes, so it is difficult to handle the new type of error generated. It is also create problems when we update the data of table, or change the same value especially when they are handled by the multiple managers.

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