ECE Project Automatic Night Lamp with Morning Alarm

ECE Project Automatic Night Lamp with Morning Alarm employs the principle of using transistor as a switch. This system eliminates the need of manual work totally. It switches ON automatically once the sun reaches below visible region. This is initiated by LDR which senses the light similar to eyes. This system reduces energy consumption unlike street lamps which don’t switch OFF even in daylight.

       automatic nigt lamp with morning alarm summaryThe main components of this project are LDR and a transistor. The resistance of transistor changes according to the light received by it. LDR serves as the biasing resistor of this circuit. The power supply required is 12 V, 750 mA supply. A step down transformer is used to get the required voltage from the mains.  

Project Description:

               The project Automatic Night Lamp with Morning Alarm System makes use of a super bright LED as the night lamp. It is powered by a standard 0-9 V transformer. In case of power failure, battery backup is also provided which keeps the circuit in active mode. Light-dependant resistors or LDR’s are used for sensing the darkness in the room.

         Once the bedroom light is switched off, the LDR’s resistance becomes minimum and the LED glows. This LED provides a bright yet cool light. In the morning, the sensor detects the sunlight and switches off along with an alarm that goes ON. The circuit in the project can be easily assembled on a PCB. Also, he speaker should be a small one to make the circuit compact.


              The project described here has got high sensitivity and depend on light intensity for its working. Its other advantages are its low cost and reliability. No manual operation is required and loads up to 7 A can be handled. However it also has manual mode of operation too. This project can be applied at a variety of places like bedrooms, hostels hotels. Also to save electricity it can be applied to street lamps and gardens.

Download ECE Final Year Project Report on Automatic Night Lamp with Morning Alarm.

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