.Net Project on Project Automation System

Academic Project management is a major issue which is faced by many educational institutes in India; this projects main idea is to implement automation system in institutions. College management/staff gathers all the project reports and project sources from students and store them physically in some locations probably libraries. To overcome this practical problem and also to make the process easy we developed an secured intranet application which is useful for each and every institute. 

         In our application student can login and can upload/enter all his details regarding project such as project abstract, White papers, SRS ,PPTs, Sources etc…. All this details are maintained in database. HOD or the head of the projects can directly search of any project. We provided advance search functionality for Head of projects such as he can search project based on his requirement (Name, Roll No, Batch wise). We provide role based authentication in this project for high level security. User can view all the documents online.

download  .Net Project On Project Automation System.

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