Restaurant Android Application


Restaurant Android App is the dashboard based application using Android Studio. The Main objective of this application is to provide the best solution among waiter and chef.

Here the waiter can generate orders, adding items which are ordered by the customers then automatically all ordered items will be displayed in chef application individually based on items assigned to the chef.

The waiter can know statuses of all items on particular order. The waiter can create multiple orders at a time.

To know all sales of items dashboard application is maintained to generate reports give the details about the statistics of the items sales, the comparison between items, categories for a single day or multiple dates.

Main Modules included in this application are Waiter, Chef, Cashier, and Dashboard.

Here we can display data in table format using JTable in this Restaurant application.The important charts module is for comparing a different kind of jobs by using google API.

Technologies:  Core  java, Android Studio


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