Crazy Alarm Android Application

ABSTRACT: The Crazy Alarm Android Project is quite different from the standard alarm application which we use daily.Sure wake up of the user is achieved with this application. The Application consist of an alarm personalization menu where user needs to enter the details for setting the alarm. Once the alarm is set , it gets scheduled . Whenever the scheduled time arrives, the alarm raises. Basically , in any alarm application when the alarm raises at scheduled time , the two operations that user can perform are : STOP and SNOOZE. But , my application when it raises , it asks some number of mathematical and logical questions randomly to which the user must answer. Crazy Alarm App Home Page   It is must , because until and unless the user solve those questions , the alarm tone plays in the background. The only way to stop the alarm is to solve the questions ,during this process the user comes out from drowsy through which the main aim of the app is achieved. So that,the user can ensure sure wake up. Crazy Alarm App Set Alarm Feature CONCLUSION  We have proposed and built a Crazy Alarm application, which can be used to add a layer of accountability to any android mobile , which helps user to ensure his sure wake up.The project is mainly to differentiate the Standard alarm application which we have in our mobiles where we find only stop and snooze operations where as in the presently developed project. Crazy Alarm UML Diagrams

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  1. please send the source code of this project to my email id…also provide the abstract for paper presentation on the topic.

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