Quick Responder Android Application


At that time the situation will become as a miss communication between the persons. If user want to send a message in the middle of the meeting is not possible because meeting will disturbed.


The proposed system our Quick Responder Android application is when the user in any important meetings the mobile will disturb the user by getting incoming calls and messages by using this application the mobile go to the ideal state so it will not disturb the user in meetings.

This Quick Responder application rejects the incoming call and incoming messages and the application will put message automatically to that incoming caller. By using this another advantage is when user is in driving there is difficult to lift the phone so in this situation this application helps u lot.

Module1: AsyncTask:-

By using this module it will work as a background worker it will handle all the internal work for activity.

Module2: UI designing(User Interface Designing):-

By using this module we can provide better UI to the user for good look and feel in this we use some modules Layouts in XML file.

Module3:  Sending message:-

This is the module to take the permission to send the message

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