Campus Mobile Application


‘Campus’ is mobile application for student, which is used to know the campus up to date like – What’s going on? , What is next? , And past what has done?

The main reason behind this Campus application the students know the more information about the university and what’s going on – upcoming events, any cultural programs, the student activities, sports, and about the examination complete details.

This Campus Mobile application also having the detailed information about the professors, course structures, about the administration department, gallery of the university and recently conducted event images, videos and also having the information about the past students.

This Campus Mobile application have the information which already in the website but it’s in the simple way, sometimes we miss the important information in website because website having the lot of information.

This is only access the students and professors by login with their ID’s. Additionally, this application provides the weather reports of the location of the university and provides the scheduling details of the library as well as university.

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  1. this is a very interesting project and i want to give it a shot. if you would be so kind, can you please email the instructions and the source code.

  2. what are the software and hardware requirement used for campus mobile application?
    and source code

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