CSE Latest Technical Seminar Topic on Pill Cameras based on Nanotechnology with Report

The purpose of the nanotechnology is developing the advanced products in big volume and good quality. The existing technology has achieved the high quantity production and still to improve the manufacturing which is currently producing the products in big volume level. The volume has to be reduced for the products to use it for the minimum space or molecular level.

The research in molecular level had already started in the 1980’s. The molecular level manufacturing was not taken seriously. The introduction of the Nanotechnology, it has become true to manufacture it at molecular level. The manufacturing at molecular level in the field of the Nanotechnology has invented one product called the Pill Camera that is useful for the cancer, ulcer and the anemia treatment. The Pill Camera has brought the new scope in the medicine.

The Pill Camera is the very small capsule that goes to the body and desired location without causing any injury. For example the Pill Camera goes to the intestine and takes snaps that is sent to the computer system to evaluate the digestive system. The Pill Camera has some demerits and it can be replaced by the applying the grain size motor and the bi directional wireless telemetry capsules. Also the manufacturing of the tiny products by the Nanotechnology can be observed. The other applications and very useful techniques are the results of the Nanotechnology shall be discussed.

Existing System

The current system consists of the endoscopic examination of the intestine which is done by sending of pipe by mouth to the intestine. But this pipe cannot go to complete intestine of 20 feet.

The Proposed System

The Pill Camera consists of the device called the Diagnostic Imaging System assembled in the capsule posses the camera, lights, transmitter, battery. The camera is disposable. The camera takes various snaps of the intestine of high quality pictures. The System is 26 X 11 mm size and the transmits 50000 digital images. The chip used is the IC CMOS image sensor for taking images. The data send to the computer system to evaluate. 

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