Employee Tracking System Visual C# Project Report with DFD Diagrams

Introduction to Employee Tracking System Project:

The Employee Tracking System is the systematic and the additional method of the employee management for the use of the organization. This is very helpful and highly useful. The system tracks the job of the staff and worker who are doing the job separately and in team for the development of the organization.

The word the Employee Tracking and Employee Management has now taken over to the Personnel Management by the term mentions the management of the organizations people. Normally the Human Resource Development refers to the recruiting of candidates, to enhance their skills, using, managing and providing the proper wages according to their job and the need.

The principle of the employee management has changed they are treating as the individual targets and the necessities. The official has to deal nicely and consider the opinion of the workers for the development of the organization without any troubles due to the insufficient knowledge, training and lack of skills.

The ETS consists of the GUI application that has been developed by VC#.net for the front end and the MS Access 2003 for the back end programming. The database is provided to the application. The application is not meant for the multi user.


The GUI application is available for the modification for the use of big organization. The module are modifiable like to add recruitment, planning, staff management, payroll update, appraisal, et policies. The application can be modified as Web application.

The functions of the ETS are

  1. Recruitment Procedures
  2. Selection Procedures
  3. Training and Development Process
  4. Performance analysis and Management
  5. Promotions Criteria
  6. Industrial and employee management
  7. Recording of personal data of employees
  8. Compensation, Pensions and Bonuses in liason with the Payroll

The system calculates the Salary of employees along with  the deductions, tax calculations and savings.

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  1. sir please send me the employment tracking system source code in java please sir send me……………
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  2. Please can you send me the source code and the documentation of your project, am doing a similar thing and I need your assistance. Tfank u.

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