CSE Technical Seminar Topic on Wibree with Seminar Report

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic on Wibree:

It is based on the radio technology that has very less power consumption and designed for short range. It can be operated on the battery like button cell and it also last in months. It was developed in 2004 by the Nokia. This technology is not developed fully and it might get ready till 2007. It works on the frequency range of 2.45 GHz.

It sends the data at the speed of 3 Mbps and covers the area of 10 meters. It is just like the Bluetooth as it used for sending audio and video files and they consume more power. But it designed for low power consumption and used to transfer the small files.

It is implemented on two modes: single mode and dual mode. Single mode is used for small devices and low cost devices like mouse, keyboards and some toys while dual modes are used for high function devices like mobile phones. It can use on wrist watches; sensors etc. it cannot take place of Bluetooth but it can complement Bluetooth as Bluetooth are large and heavy models.

It is more efficient than Bluetooth. It extended the life time of the battery even button cell can works up to several months. It can be embedded on Bluetooth chips, after that both Bluetooth and Wibree can work together. As Bluetooth is the great technology and it is adopted in the whole world ad in the all the devices like mobiles and computer but we when we talk about small devices like watch and keyboards, sensors then Bluetooth will not work, then we need to have Wibree as they both work on same frequency but the power consumption is very less than Bluetooth. Both of the them are based on the radio technology. 

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