CSE Seminar Topics Technical Blue Ray Disk

The research paper CSE Seminar Topics Technical Blue Ray Disk identifies the need to store data on an optical disc and the indispensable role played by the blu-ray disc. The paper posits that the Optical disc has high storage capacity, advanced security and privacy features and the A/V high quality O/P (generally video) of the media files stored on it makes it quite unique & gives an edge over the others, letting BD to be widely adaptable in every application possible. Blur-ray Disc or BD is the next generation digital video disc.

The research paper talks and clarifies the encryption issues pertaining to BDs. It says that Blu-ray has an experimental security feature titled BD+ that allows for dynamically changing encryption schemes. Should the encryption be compromised, manufacturers can update the encryption scheme and put it on all new discs, preventing a single crack from opening up the entire specification for the duration of its lifetime.


The abstract concludes on a note saying that it would definitely take time for the Blu-Ray disc to hit the market & completely takeover the DVD share hold.

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