CSE Technical Seminar on Ubiquitous Smart Home

Introduction to CSE Technical Seminar on Ubiquitous Smart Home:

Most of us would be having a common dream of that to own a house which has all the facilities and meets all our requirements. In our home would be having difficulty in switching on/off our lights and electronic devices, identify the visitor who has just rang the calling bell etc. With the help of this cool and unique concept we can be more close to complete automation of our home. This article throws light on using the omnipresent ubiquitous computation socially, technically and ethically. The importance of such ubiquitous smart homes is getting higher and higher in today’s society.

Main features of a ubiquitous smart home:

  • Interoperability
  • Manageability
  • Reliability

The first biggest challenge while creating a ubiquitous smart home starts during its construction itself. If the houses are being built from the scratch, it is the best time to adapt this innovative technology as we have to make lot of upgrades to an already existing mansion.

The decision should be made on how much is the boundary of the home and what all devices we are planning to connect to the system. The range of the electronic devices and the usage of it should be properly kept in mind. Another main feature is the impromptu interoperability, i.e. without devices of different genre and make should be able to operate within the environment without any sorts of planning whatsoever.

There would be no system administrator and most of these devices should be application centric or utility centric and moreover these devices would be designed for domestic use only. This technology should be able to satisfy social needs off the user and should have an impact on the community that we live in.  The system should act on our choices and assumptions and should interfere in the presence of ambiguity.

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