CSE Technical Seminar Topic on Computer Viruses with Seminar Report

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic on Computer Viruses:

They are program that execute them-selves and created multiple copies of them and disturb the working of the devices like computers, mobiles, smart phones etc. they easily transfer from one device to other or on the same device. They can come through internet mainly from e-mail, they are just downloaded automatically and enter in the computer and start infecting the computer. They add themselves to the program and when the program is executed they also execute and then they search for the other to their code keep on adding to the other codes. Few viruses remain hidden in the computer and they cannot be detected using anti- virus or firewalls. There are many types of viruses:

File infector virus: they are the old virus; they add themselves in the code of other program and remain hidden. They are generally EXE, COM, SYS etc. when those code are executed they make copy of themselves.

Boot sector viruses: they are added in the computer boot files or in the memory where boot files are stored and thus they interrupt the booting of the computer. They were mainly spread when floppy disk are common.

Macro virus: these are the viruses that are created using the macro language and they comes with most of the to days applications. The most common language in VB that is used to design the MS-Word can also have the code of this virus.

Script virus: they comes from web sites as they form with scripting languages like java applets, Java Scripts, which run automatically when we open the page of the website.

They are not formed automatically; they are created intentionally by the programmers who have the knowledge of the programming.  People made just for fun or just to prove their knowledge.

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