CSE Project Idea on Picture Message Visualizer with Abstract

The Project Pict- Message is a advanced and innovative kind of the messaging which is initiated by the data feeds and finally create a building of message. For instance, the CNN News the latest headlines will appear along with the picture information.

This application is also developed in that manner if one wants a information regarding the specific word the message will appear by the combination of an image which is explored from the flickr’s or google database. The results found can be un imaginable due to huge database and the pictures. 

The application has one more feature that the word which is feeding can bring out the specific pictures from the database for which it is assigned. For instance the Flash dependent chat room where the chatting will be by the text and the application links the text to the particular picture of the person database and the picture will appear along with the chat conversation. 

Suppose the chatting people is talking about their lovely doggy called Snoopy, if the user has database consists of the picture Snoopy it will appear on the chat room.

The purpose of the application is to provide the users a rich text and image conversation in real time to make the attractive communication. 

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