CSE Technical Seminar Topic on Raid Technology

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic on Raid Technology:

RAID called as the redundant array of inexpensive disks else also called as the redundant array of independent disk which is such a type of technology that permits large storage capability by connecting with the less working system disk drives of the hard disk. This RAID fusions of connects two or more hard disks together in same unit by making the use of the Specific hardware’s and software’s. The hardware is mainly used to connect the devices to the disk drives. This work reduces the job of the operating system. This system is involved in the operating system and is also in the redundant disk too. 

There are three sub types of the redundant inexpensive disks like the mirroring this features rewrites the identified data to one or more than one disks. Secondly the striping this feature splits the data in one or more disks third the error detection which detects the malware and solves that problems. 

This RAID has some levels that has to me mostly required in the main process. The levels are the RAID 0 which are called the stripped disks which shares the data with the one or more disks. This RAID level uses operating system depended arrays that permits the array that to configure the RAID controls etc… RAID 1 stores the replica of the data of the disks. For this these requires always two disk drives to work properly.  RAID 3 and 4 prevents the data of the disks from getting lost. RAID 5 counts the parity so that it can be prevented from the people. 

 This RAID has come to such a stage that it has achieved a great importance due to more capable drives contained in it and increases the time that the drives need to recover when it goes to the failure state. The double group gives the time to the arrays parts that can be used to redevelop the disks again.

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