Technical CSE Seminar Topic on CFDP

Overview of CFDP: – In it lost or corrupted data is also transmitted. CFDP also adopted enable robust operation because in it the time required to establish a connection may exceed, time limit may exceed for transferring file.

Reliable transport: – If data transfer is proper the many application operate properly. It is reliable that every data issued is delivered successfully to its destination. Is has a TCP style of functioning, in this type of communication it is require that the sender and receiver negotiate a data flow connection and it delivers data to the client only in transmission order.

Routing protocol: – This allows the internet to choose the route for packet delivery at faster speed. Is follows hierarchy system to improve stability and at the top level of hierarchy path selection is resolved by the border gateway protocol (BGP) by operating IP address. For this work they require timely updates of the location.

Delay tolerant network: – It uses only those protocols which are best suitable for the network and insert a new overlay protocol. This overlay protocol act as a bridge between different stacks at the boundaries and in gateway infrastructure. Overlay network should be continuous and it should have constant transmission latency and error rate should be low and low congestion.

DTN without Binding:-It uses IP rather than of bundling amd it departs from the internet. In this we consider that the for development of supporting infrastructure that’s enable the deployment of DTN by internet capabilities and no protocol modification.

Conclusion: – Application developer is familiar with non-bundling DTN approach but we also need delay – tolerant architectural principles. The interfaces do DTN technology is used to implement any number of internet application. In research it has found that we can fairly configure large and complex DTN networks.

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