NanoTechnology Seminar Topic and PPT

Introduction to NanoTechnology Seminar Topic:

In the short term testing methods like the activity paradigm and structure paradigm the oxidative stress seems to be a very encouraging end point. The inhalation of the combustion derived very small particles which can also be termed as nano particles produce an effect on the heart system, dysfunction of the endothelial  id the main key in the impaired vasomotor function and fibrinolysis terms. The carbon nano tubes have the capability to asbestos such as pathology when they are lengthly. In case of close relationships of working among industrial, chemists, physicians, hygienists and toxicologists. Fullerenes are commercialized in the primary stage and it depends on the new; properties like affinity for electron and strength. The preliminary data show that they can likely induce ROS or reactive oxygen species, oxidative stress, sytotoxicity, and production.

Multi-dimensionality of industrial hygiene is particle sized with charge, surface area, shape and composition of chemical which are an important part of physical variables. They can help in determining scavenging properties and ROS- generation. The nanotechnology is a part of science that involves with the production and development of small machines and tools by controlling the individual atomic arrangement. The health challenges will provide with the safeguards.

The science of designing is known as microfluidics and at the same time is its also the science of formulation of devices, manufacturing and processing which includes dealing with fluid volumes on the nanoliter orders and picolitrs.

Huge microspheres that are 10 to 15 um in diameter are used for the studies of  flow of regional blood in organs and tissues. In certain cases microspheres are injected at the requires locations in the circulatory system and finally in the capillaries. The fluroscenet and microspheres dyes contain the first extractions of the tissue samples followed by constituted of the fluorescence on a fluorescence micro plate reader.

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