Description: The research paper The Grid Model Engineering Final Year Project Seminar Report talks about Grid Model. The research paper also describes what distributed computing is under the same context. The research paper suggests that internet browsing is the order of the day and many people enjoy doing it for varied reasons. Sometimes it happens that the internet speed slows down and we need to restart in order to resume our work. This seems to be significant bottle neck for researchers working in this domain. Grid computing and distributed computing can offer significant solutions to a problem like this. Grid computing facilitates very fast computer access. The research paper suggests that it will be possible to download many things that too very fast from the virtual world using grid computing. The paper talks about Globus Grid Apparatus that is the only available architecture for grid computing as of now.

It is suggested in the research paper that the grid system facilitates by making effective use of idle systems in the networked circuit. The grid can help manage different systems and different organizations. As of now Grid helps the academic and research domains. But slowly the technology will be roped into various other organizations too. The research paper identifies and elucidates various types of grids. Computational grids, scavenging grids, data grid are the various types of grids discussed. There could be a total computer/system crash when we are downloading multiple files. The system may crash due to the size of the task assigned. Grid computing helps achieving a big task like that while safeguarding the system.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes over a note suggesting that an intranet grid is one best way to overcome many problems that were previously posing trouble for smoother and secure network over distributed computing. Intranet grid helps downloading many files at the same time protecting the system. This way of computing is secure too as it has a step to step authentication.

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