All about Grid Computing BE CSE Seminar Topic

Description: The research paper All about Grid Computing BE CSE Seminar Topic defines what Grid computing is. The arena of computers has always be focusing on providing finest solutions in the field in order to enhance the efficiency functioning in the backdrop of a highly secure medium. Grid computing offers secure solutions via internet computing and where there is a distributed network and lots of sharing of information and other related things. It is suggested in the paper that the quality of services provided by the internet have grown by leaps and bounds today. Now a very high security operation is possible via the internet, thanks to Grid Computing.

Grids enable the sharing, selection, and aggregation of a wide variety of resources including supercomputers, storage systems, data sources, and specialized devices that are geographically distributed and owned by different organizations for solving large-scale computational and data intensive problems in science, engineering, and commerce. Grid computing facilities smooth flowing of processes and sharing of information, data management, resource management and management of core competencies via the internet medium. Grid computing has refined the performance prowess of computes in a distributed/cross connected computer environs.

A grid is a seamless, collaborative computer environment. Grid provides computational services, data services, application services, information services, knowledge services etc. The research paper meticulously explains all these. The research paper also suggests that four main aspects characterize grid they are:

  1. Multiple administrative domains and autonomy
  2. Heterogeneity
  3. Scalability
  4. Dynamicity and adaptability

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on the note that Grid replaces the power grid and envisages dependable, consistent, pervasive, and inexpensive access to resources irrespective of their location for physical existence and their location for access. Many researches aiming at the enhancement of functionality of grid are in vogue and there are almost concrete promises made in the field. These systems range from Grid frameworks to application test beds, and from collaborative environments to batch submission mechanisms. Much is done and much has to be done in the field of Grid Computing.

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