Grid Computing and Advantages Final MCA Seminar Topics

Description: The research paper Grid Computing and Advantages Final MCA Seminar Topics talks about Grid Computing and how it is used to manage computers that are networked. The colossal rise in computing technologies and sharing network has raised the interactivity levels of the computer. The research paper suggests that when we are talking about internet we should consider a basic fact that there is an interaction between the system (server) and the client. There is generally lots of sharing of information and data when we are working in a distributed computing environment. However simple the act of browsing might be there is certainly a interaction with the other side of the world.

Distributed computing may be simplified as breaking down the bigger processes of computers in smaller manageable ‘agents’. These agents work together to pursue a cooperative task. This way breaking don things into smaller components will enable to work qualitatively on a particular task. Result thus obtained will be of enhanced quality and accuracy. The entire thing is cost effective too. Assorted tools and standards for assembling distributed computing applications have been developed over the years. These started as low-level data transmission APIs and protocols, such as RPC and DCE, and have recently begun to evolve into object-based distribution schemes, such as CORBA, RMI, and OpenDoc. These programming tools essentially provide a protocol for transmitting structured data over a network connection. Java offers a language and an environment that encompass various levels of distributed computing development, from low-level network communication to distributed objects and agents, while also having built-in support for secure applications, multiple threads of control, and integration with other Internet-based protocols and services.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes suggests that distributed computing is the domain that is gaining momentum faster than expected. Scientists believe that distributed computing allows reaching a better and simpler, faster solutions for complicated processes.

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