Challenges of Grid Computing

Description: The research paper Challenges of Grid Computing talks about Grid computing and its emergence in the present world. The research paper suggests that grid computing is slowly becoming the order of the day. With internet becoming the buzz word and transactions happening over internet almost incessantly there is a strong demand for quality services. Grid computing offers both quality and speed. Grid computing also facilitates downloading of multiple files at a time without impeding the speed of, or crashing the system. Grid computing also ensures that the user need not restart the system time and again.

Grid system is a way of connecting idle systems and utilizes their CPU Cycles in a pool of servers. In a grid besides servers, computers are connected via secure networks. All this is done for information and resource sharing. In a grid the systems connected are heterogeneous in nature and connected all across the globe. Grid computing is all about using many computers to solve a single problem at the same time.  Grid computing is gaining a lot of usage and users across the globe are opting for it but faster solutions to enhance the decision making processes. Grid computing has lots of profits to offer to the business which rely heavily upon virtual interactions and transactions. There are three types of grids: Computational grid, scavenging grid and data grid.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that, grid computing offers a new standard to IT infrastructure, because it makes distributed computing possible in a heterogeneous environment.  The grid is a virtual platform for managing computing and data management systems in a wide network. Grids are useful in businesses, science and information. Grids are very active as of now in areas pertaining to academics and research. There are three types of grids mentioned in the research paper, computational grid, scavenging grid and data grid. Most users today understand the concept of a Web portal, where their browser provides a single interface to access a wide variety of information sources.

A grid portal provides the interface for a user to launch applications that will use the resources and services provided by the grid. From this perspective, the user sees the grid as a virtual computing resource just as the consumer of power sees the receptacle as an interface to a virtual generator

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