Grid Computing Advantages and Disadvantages

Description: The research paper Grid Computing Advantages and Disadvantages talks about Grid Computing and the advantages and disadvantages it offers. This research paper helps the reader to understand what grid computing is. The paper speaks of software used that facilitates the user to use and access software/hardware components with limited facilities from his/her side. Resource management and access are the two main characteristics of grid computing. The system needs certain amount of automation that helps in collaborating and decision making. There is no perfect mechanism as of now, but users can trust the Agent Union model. Grid is a parallel and distributed system tat facilitates sharing, collaborating, downloading and many more activities. The grid mechanism heavily depends on these two things. A local computer cluster which is like a “grid” because it is composed of multiple nodes and the creation of a “virtual supercomputer” by using spare computing resources within an organization.

The grid is a virtual platform for managing computing and data management systems in a wide network. Grids are useful in businesses, science and information. Grids are very active as of now in areas pertaining to academics and research. There are three types of grids mentioned in the research paper, computational grid, scavenging grid and data grid. Most users today understand the concept of a Web portal, where their browser provides a single interface to access a wide variety of information sources. A grid portal provides the interface for a user to launch applications that will use the resources and services provided by the grid. From this perspective, the user sees the grid as a virtual computing resource just as the consumer of power sees the receptacle as an interface to a virtual generator.

Conclusion:  Grid computing is an effective way of managing a networked community. It allows a very speedy download of data and that too many files without collapsing the system. It works even on idle systems by tapping the CPU potential.

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