BE BTECH MCA Seminars Quantum Cryptography

BE BTECH MCA Seminars Quantum Cryptography: Cryptography is defined as the conversion of data into a scrambled code that can be deciphered and sent over wide area network. It is transmitted over network communication, such as electronic transactions, Internet, e-mail, and mobile phones etc. The encrypted message is transmitted and the receiver decrypts the message by unscrambling transmission. The mathematical discovery has got a key called PKC which is used to scramble and unscramble the transformation.

Classical cryptography relies on computing technology that restricts eavesdroppers from accessing the information of encrypted messages and in quantum cryptography the data secured by physics laws. Cryptography is an art of devising ciphers and codes, and cryptoanalysis is an art of breaking them. Cryptology is the combination of the ciphers and codes.

There are two keys of cryptographic techniques: public key encryption and secret key encryption. PKC is already mentioned above. RSA algorithm is an example of PKC where as in secret key encryption, two users share a k-bit “secret key” that is used to transform plaintext inputs to cryptotext for transmission and back to plaintext upon receipt.

The basic idea of Quantum Cryptography is defined as electromagnetic waves that exhibit the phenomenon of polarization. These electric field vibrations are constant or vary in any definite way. Heisenberg uncertainty principle includes the foundation of quantum cryptography.

The fundamental security of this cryptography is obtained from the criteria that each qubit of information is carried by a single photon and each photon is changed as soon as it is read once. This technique has no protection against the classic bucket brigade attack.


Quantum cryptography aims to revolutionize secure network communication by providing security based on the basic laws of physics instead of computing technology or mathematical algorithms. The performance of computer systems has been continuously improved and systems for implementing such methods exist.

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