Cryptography Seminar Topic



There are various organizations functioning to get secured from the threats of hacking by many trends in the field of cryptography. This project intends about propose and problem of many possible solutions. The industry of cryptography responds quickly to hacking threats of malicious techniques during strict techniques of cryptography.

The project has focused on many techniques of cryptography like three basic algorithms. They are private key algorithm, public key algorithm, and the hash functions. The techniques of three encryptions are also encrypted. These techniques came into existence with many exploitations in cryptography field to get rid of the problem like headhoc way.

The global Internet is the computer network connected internationally with addresses administrated by IANA (Internet address and Naming Authority).  It dramatically increases because everyone can connect with each other around the globe.

The website over the internet can be an Internet Service provider to other websites. The internet gives the important communication between plenty of people and applied like a tool for commerce and hence the security will be the most important thing to deal with.

There are various methods to provide security and applications that ranges from payments and secure commerce to protecting passwords and private communications. The important aspect is cryptography to get a secure communication.


Hence the project includes two important purposes. The first is about the terms and concepts of methods of cryptography and compare the myriad schemes of cryptographic used nowadays. The second is about the cryptography examples and new methods used nowadays.

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