RDBMS Database Management System Seminar

RDBMS Database Management System Seminar: Database is the collection of data that have implicit meaning. Database Management System is a collection of programs that allows user to create and maintain a database. The Database system is the combination of both database and DBMS software.

The advantages of DBMS are redundancy is controlled, unauthorized access is restricted, providing multiple user interfaces, enforcing integrity constraints, and providing backup and recovery.

The data model is a collection of perceptual tools for characterizing data, data relationships, data constraints and semantics. ER data model is based on real world that contains basic objects called entities and of relationship among objects. Entities are described by a set of attributes. Object oriented model is based on collection of objects. An object consists of values stored in instance variables.

Entity is a thing in the real world with an independent existence. Entity set is a collection of all entities of particular entity type. Attribute is a property that describes entity. A relation is defined as a set of tuples. Each tuple is an ordered list of n-values. Degree of a relation is the number of attribute of its relation schema. Relationship is an association between two or more entities. Relationship set is the collection of similar relationships. Degree of relationship type is the number of entity type participating.


A data base schema specifies a set of definitions expressed by a special language called DDL (Data Definition Language). VDL (View Definition Language) specifies user views and their mappings to the conceptual schema. DML (Data Manipulation Language) is a language that allows user to access or manipulate data by appropriate data model. NF (Normal Form) is the domain of attribute that includes only atomic values. Fully Functional dependency is based on concept of functional dependency. There are many NF like 2NF, 3NF, BCNF (Boyce-Codd Normal Form), 4NF, 5NF. Either all actions are carried out or none is called Atomicity. Aggregation is a relationship between entities and relationships.

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