MCA Seminar Topics E-Commerce and Cryptography

The research paper MCA Seminar Topics E-Commerce and Cryptography talks in depth about E-Commerce and Cryptography. It says that E-commerce on the worldwide web is a rapidly growing and proliferating field. But there are several differences between commerce in the real world and on the Internet, and perhaps the most fundamental issue is that of trust and security. In order to build secure E-commerce applications, we need to establish a definition of various security requirements.

The following four areas have been identified in the research abstract as the framework for secure E-commerce:

  • Confidentiality: Protecting the data from all but the intended receiver(s).
  • Authentication: Proving one’s identity.
  • Integrity: Ensuring no unauthorized alteration of data.
  • Non-repudiation: Preventing an entity from denying previous commitments or actions.

Functionality of Cryptography: The research paper helps in identifying the main functionalities of cryptography. They are identified as:

§  Encryption as the process of transforming information so that it is unintelligible to an intruder, and

§  Decryption as the process of transforming the encrypted information so that it is intelligible again.

How encryption is done: The information in its original form is known as plain text, and the encrypted message is called cipher text.


  • Exchanging or choosing a key pair secretly does secure communication between two persons.
  • The security lies in the fact that the mathematical function and the key are only bound to the sender and receiver, not to anybody else.
  • Keys are very critical to the functionality of cryptographic algorithms and it is sound cryptographic practice to change keys frequently.


The research paper concludes explaining that there is no gain saying the fact that cryptography plays an essential role in protecting the privacy of electronic information against threats from a variety of potential attackers. Public key cryptography, is the most important technology in modern cryptographic schemes to address issues like key management, authentication, non-repudiation and digital signature cryptosystems with smaller key lengths offer virtually no security. Symmetric-key systems offer an advantage over the public-key systems. Private keys in public-key systems are much larger.

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