MCA Seminar on Network Security & Cryptography

Network security is a complicated subject implemented only by experienced and well-trained experts. With the vast usage of internet by many people, there should be understanding of the security basics in an internet world.

This project is about the concepts which are required in the marketplace by the hype to know how to deal with the risk. Nowadays, computer security is a very complex and serious business. The security needs staff and technology coordination across the educated and cooperative users and enterprise infrastructure.

The MCA Final Year Seminar Topic gives an overview of firewalls, network security, detection of intrusion, and gives guidelines to secure infrastructure of company and future critical data. The network is defined as collection of interconnected links over a network. The computer network is system of interconnected network of computers.

There are various threats of network. They are remote login, application backdoors, SMTP session hijacking, operating system bugs, denial of service, email bombs, macros, viruses, spam, redirect bombs, and source routing.

 Packet filtering is the concept with which routers possess ACLs (Access Control Lists) which is turned on. Employing ACLs is the concept to enforce the security policy to access the internal network.

 The precautions should be while using the computer network such as taking the backups of the system, avoid systems with failure at single points, update the operating system patches, look for security advisories, and keep the staff familiar with security.


The network is vulnerable to the breach the security because of the complexity of government network. The federal government has faced growth with numerous attacks in network security same as the commercial sector.

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