Quantum Computers Technical Presentation

Quantum Computers Technical Presentation: The quantum computer is a device for computation that makes direct use of quantum mechanical phenomena to perform operations on data. It is based on transistors. The basic aim of quantum computation is that quantum properties are used to represent data and perform operations.  It exploits quantum-mechanical interactions.

In a quantum computer, the basic unit of information which is called a quantum bit is not binary. This property of quantum mechanics differs radically from laws of classical physics. A qubit exists as a one, a zero, or both 0 and 1 representing the probability. The given number of qubits is exponentially more complex than a classical computer with the same number of bits.

Quantum computation systems and languages have been developed to attempt to allow simulations of quantum algorithms. Few algorithms of QCL are Q-gol, Qubiter etc. Many uses have been proposed for quantum computation from modelling quantum mechanical systems, breaking public key encryption, searching databases, generating true random numbers to providing secure communication using quantum key computation.

These computers work on quantum phenomenon. A quantum computer on a large-scale is able to solve certain problems faster than any classical computer with the help of currently known algorithms like integer factorization.

Following are the applications of Quantum computer: Breaking ciphers, statistical analysis, factoring large numbers, solving problems in theoretical physics, and solving optimization problems in many variables.

QOS has been created to date operating software. It is designed to coordinate configuration and the timing as well as processing many signals of output of computers. Factorization is a way to encrypt the technology. With the help of quantum technology, computers can decrypt faster.


Today, quantum information technology and quantum computers remain in its pioneering platform. Quantum hardware remains an emerging field thereby quantum computers will come forth as the higher computational devices. Quantum computation has its origins in superiorly specialized areas of theoretical physics.

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