Cryptography and Private Key Algorithms Btech Seminar Topic

Description: Cryptography is the science of securing the data and information passing through a network channel. Cryptography offers many ways of encrypting and securing data. Many new ways of cryptography have emerged lately and the field has many promises to make e-transaction and for that matter any other transaction safe and more secure. Quantum cryptography is one such breakthrough in the field wherein information passes through photons alike light energy.

The presentation Cryptography and Private Key Algorithms Btech Seminar Topic identifies various network threats and security attacks:

  • denial of service
  • unauthorized access
  • interruption
  • interception
  • modification
  • fabrication

The research work speaks about two types of encryption:

  1. Public Scheme Encryption
  2. Private Scheme Encryption

The presentation also speaks about various types of security threats possible over a Private Scheme Encryption.

The most powerful tool of encryption ‘hash key’ is explained. It is an irreversible type and most efficient ways of encrypting.

The Hash Code as three functions:

  1. Simple hash function
  2. Secure hash function
  3. HMAC

The hash code does the following:

  1. append padding bits
  2. append length
  3. initialize hash buffer
  4. process message in 1024 bit blocks.
  5. round functionality


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