A Proactive Approach to Network Security


In the present world of contemporary scenarios, the network security is the most sensible issue. It could be either a real world or cyber world. The attack is made by gathering of information in the cyber world. The computer network is widely utilized in present world scenarios with computerization. The software and information is much more open to get attack by the unauthorized users due to the interlinked network computers.

The minicomputers and mainframe computers have taken place by the computer network with which security issue has also increased. It is very essential to get familiar with the basic knowledge of computer networks and network security principles. The network security secures the network assets.

 There are many threats such as Hackers, Viruses, Data Stealing, Data Diddling, and Loss of Data.

 Firewall is the network security that protects the network from network threats and attacks by forming barrier between the networks. The firewall applications are gateways, packet filtering, and hybrid systems.

A Proactive Approach to Network Security Final Year Project is really the important debate in computer enthusiasts which is a major task in boardrooms round the clock. Many companies are much bothered to have computer security to secure the secret and sensitive data of the company around the globe.

Password is the crux part of computer network security. It secures accounts of user. These guidelines protect, create, and change passwords to be secure, strong, and protected.


The conclusion made is that the mechanisms of security depend on cryptographic algorithms like asymmetric-RSA, symmetric-DES, AES, and ECC. These algorithms provide security levels with optimal speed.

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